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2NE1’s CL model for Harper’s Bazaar Korea May 2014 issue

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Okasian said, 

"Light Skin,

Dark Skin,

Don’t matter as long as her thighs thick”

I don’t think yuh ready for that life Okasian…


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I got the flowing people call me J Flawless.

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GOT7's appearances in the teaser

JB: Nerd
jr.: a flirt guy
Mark: a rebel/outsider
Jackson: a gangster/badass
BamBam: the coolest guy who's shoving food 24/7
yugyeom: the hottest kid on the block
youngjae: a normal guy walking around

Paloalto & EVO - 질러

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this song is really really good

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some neat behind the scenes stuff!

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